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Ranma 1/2

Author(s): Takahashi Rumiko
Genres: Action – Adventure – Comedy – Cooking – Doujinshi – Gender bender – Harem – Martial arts – Romance – School life – Shounen

On a coaching journey in the Bayankala Mountain Range in the Qinghai Province of China, his father Genma and Ranma Saotome belong to the cursed springs at Jusenkyo. They take the physical kind of whatever drowned there hundreds or 1000s of years past every time they touch cold-water when somebody falls into a spring. The hex will revert when exposed until their chilly water exposure to hot-water. While Ranma falls into the springtime of a drowned woman Genma falls to the springtime of a panda.Upon returning to Japan, the pair settle in Nerima, Tokyo in the dojo of Genma’s old friend Soun Tendo, a fellow professional of Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu or “Anything-Goes School” of martial-arts which Genma passed on to Ranma. Soun and Genma concurred years ago that their kids would marry and carry-on the Tendo Dojo. Soun has three teenaged daughters: the somewhat spiteful, martial-arts, the indifferent and selfish Nabiki and the easygoing and polite Kasumi training Akane. Akane, who’s Ranma’s age, is named for bridal duty by her sisters using the logical thinking that because Ranma is just a guy half of that time period and Akane dislikes guys, they’re perfect together. Both Akane and Ranma refuse the betrothal initially, having not been consulted on the conclusion, however they can be usually handled as betrothed and wind up saving or helping each other on some events. They can be generally found in the business of each other and therefore are always claiming in their own hallmark clumsy love-hate mode which is a franchise focus.Ranma goes to school with Akane at Furinkan High School (Furinkan Koko), where he fulfills his revenant adversary Tatewaki Kuno, the conceited kendo team captain who vigorously pursues Akane, but in addition falls in-love with Ranma’s female form without actually finding his hex (despite most other figures understanding it). Nerima functions as a backdrop for mo-Re martial-arts mayhem with all the debut of Ranma’s routine competitions, like the eternally lost Ryoga Hibiki who traveled half-way across Japan becoming to the rear in the very front of his home, where Ranma spent three times waiting for him. Where he finally falls to the Spring of Drown Piglet, Ryoga, seeking revenge on Ranma, adopted him to Jusenkyo. Now when splashed with cold-water he takes the kind of a small pig. Not understanding this, Akane requires the piglet as names and a pet it Pchan, but Ranma understands and loathes him for using the scenario and keeping this key. Another competitor is the nearsighted Mousse, who becomes a duck when he gets damp and also falls into the pool that is magic, last but not least, there’s Ranma’s impish grand-master, Happosai, who spends his time stealing the panties of schoolgirls.Ranma’s future paramours range from the martial-arts rhythmic gymnastics champ his 2nd fiancee and youth pal Ukyo Kuonji, and Kodachi Kuno the seller that is okonomiyaki, combined with the Chinese Amazon Shampoo, supported by her greatgrandmother Cologne. As the show progresses, the college becomes more eccentric using the return of the demented, Hawaii- the keeping the energy as well as obsessed Principal Kuno -leeching switching kid/adult Hinako Ninomiya as Ranma’s English teacher. Ranma’s irresolution to decide on his love that is true causes turmoil in college life and his intimate.

Chapter List:

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