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My Second Life as a Jerk Magnet

Alternative: Dance with Maoh ; Dance with Maou ; Reincarnated Princess Loved By Scum
Author(s): Yubuson
Genres: Fantasy Romance

Kozue, a woman who has wasted her entire life on awful guys, is granted the god-given ability to recognize scumbags at a glance when she reincarnates into another world as Princess Christa. She dreams of finding the perfect man to marry in her second life, but suddenly the Devil King is revived, throwing everything into chaos. The King orders Christa to marry the Hero that defeated the Devil King, but the so-called “hero” ends up being a complete and utter jerk! Desperate to avoid guys like him at any cost, Christa throws away her position as Princess and decides to run from the castle. Even in her new life, Christa can’t escape the scumbags. Will she ever manage to find happiness..?
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