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Author(s): Migino Yagi
Genres: Drama – Yaoi

Because of the past trauma, Nanase, who became unable to stand men’s smells, won’t take off his mask even during sex, causing his sex friends to be fed up and leave him. Then, the one Nanase hooked up with when being pent up was a man who had a similar smell to his ex-boyfriend, the source of the trauma.Feeling his “inner self” has been broken into, Nanase struggles and runs away without thinking. But, a few days later, lured by the nice aroma of incense, Nanase goes into an incense store and meet the store owner and also the same man from the last time, Kei!No matter how much it was rejected and pushed away, the warmth that always stays by its side will touch and melt the heart frozen in the past+
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