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Cheeky Habits of My Rabbits

Alternative: Habibi’s Rabbits
Author(s): Dong Gobi Mum
Genres: Comedy Fantasy Supernatural Yaoi

Myowol-guk, where rabbit spirit creatures ‘myoin’ gather.
Nungso, the 101st prince of Myowol-guk, who is mixed with human blood and is bullied, receives the following tasks for coming of age.
“Rescue the sacred and honourable ‘Moon Rabbit’ captured by evil humans and bring him back safely.”
Haru, a dalgona-colored brown rabbit imprisoned in an evil human’s house… … .
‘Hold on. To say that I was kidnapped and imprisoned… … .’
One day, as a pet, you are terribly fond of it?
Besides, to be called a sacred and noble moon rabbit, he reveals that he has no shame!
“Sex… .”
“Sex? Uh, where are you touching now?”
There is only one thing that I want to do with a young rabbit as white as the snow that suddenly appeared in front of me on a day with a slight fever on the first heat.
“I’ll make you happy. Let’s give birth to our baby rabbit. Huh?”
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